The Untold behind Aldo’s Adventure

Aldo’s Adventure Gear Hub and Activity Club based in Dombivli is one and only one stop solution for all types of branded adventure sports equipment from Thane to Karjat/kasara. We as a well-equipped hub work 7 days wholeheartedly to provide all best accessories at reasonable prices. Our product range from Trekking, Mountaineering, Outings, Motorcycle-Sports and Cycling to technical gears, safety equipment officially dealing with top most international adventure brands like Coleman, Wildcraft, LifeStraw, QuipCo, Todi, Petzl, Edelrid, Mototech, Aquapack, LuminAID, Zippo, Ozark-Trail, and Coghlan’s etc. Our customers will continuously find the lowest promising prices in our store and online.

We also have time-honored understanding of forming activities like One-day treks – range treks, Himalayan Expeditions, Wildlife-camps and Historical tours for adventure enthusiasts. All History-seekers, Nature-lovers, Photographers and Social-workers believe in Aldo’s Adventure as a kind of stage – Bhatkanti Katta – for the first time in Dombivli-Kalyan twin city.

We had taken initiatives towards Historical Bhaskargad – Conservation (Trimbak Range, Nasik, Maharashtra) and a revenue part of our activities goes to this social responsibility.
What we are at the moment is an outcome of understanding & practices since 1998 – Trekking and hiking with numerous links, Folks and Sets across Maharashtra. It all started with a few handfuls, but now Aldo’s Adventure is a dedicated platform of Alpinists.

At first it’s a dogs story – a dog that linked him to many treks to attain the wheel of life. AWWW..!

Yes, you read it right!
This is the story of a Black Labrador, Aldo, the only dog known to conquer forts and climb mountains beyond imagination.

The fascinating tales of Aldo’s treks date back years ago deep in the forts, Sahyadri Mountains & lush forests. In 2007, our founder Mr Santosh Kurhade (A Commercial Artist from Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai) and his life-partner Mrs Sapna Kurhade (Deputy Chief Cabin-crew, Air India) adopted a Black Labrador Retriever newborn puppy and named him Aldo. The couple thought Aldo would not love and consider this form of adventure and surrender as a Labrador. Aldo did not only prove them wrong but also set an excellent example for the adventure enthusiasts. He left no stone untouched in the journey to trek old forts in the Sahyadris. Besides being a great companion, Aldo is best known for his secret voyages and caring nature in the trekking community across Maharashtra. He was well trained by Mumbai Western Railway Police and then wanted to appoint Aldo for drug and bomb detection as a rescue dog. But, what parents would want to risk their son being near to physically potent threats like a bomb? Aldo’s parents did not approve of it and went ahead with Aldos keenness to explore the hills. Aldo’s heroics are a never-ending list of fun and courageous activities which include being the titleholder for two consecutive years in the Dog Show at Dombivli.

Aldo was persistent to conquer many forts including the highest ones Salher, Mulher, Hargad, Ratangad, Sudhagad, Bhaskargad and most challenging including Jivdhan, Gorakhgad, Hadsar, Sarasgad, Ahiwantgad, Kanchna-Manchna and many more from Maharashtra. Extreme activities called Aldo to endure difficult natural circumstances while Trekking, outing yet he never gave up and while Trekking, outing yet he never gave up and had since gained a growing degree of personality as an explorer dog. His dedication and determination were worth a bow. “When the team crossed a river, he swam beside.

Aldo started his first journey by climbing the Nimgiri fort when he was three months old and accomplished more than 85 historical forts in the last ten years,” the supporter of Aldo’s adventure wrote.
Some added on Facebook,”We came to trek the Sahyadri with this couple. Instead, we got a new co-trekker.” The thoughtful comments and gestures from Aldo’s friends and partners is the trophy to Aldo’s achievements in life.

Aldo’s obedient nature and social interaction are pretty evident by the fact that Aldo never left the team. He always showed up beside the team again on his own as the group made their way through Mountains. While everything was running smoothly, a sudden storm set the journey downhill. A day came when Aldo faced difficulties in climbing, where the team had to help him through some of the rough patches on a trek. His last trek, on 28th January 2018 was as spunky as the others. We have known many dogs and stories of their wisdom and devotion; but to none do we owe so much as Aldo. He is indeed his best self when he is outdoors, in the fresh and divine nature. We think that’s pretty clear when you look at his naughty and playful Apple-face in all of our photos.

A dog is man’s best friend, but Aldo’s affection was beyond worship and eternity.
What more was required for us to start an adventure hub than such an inspiring mate?
His story thrived us to open an exclusive Adventure Gear Hub and Activity Club, all for Aldo. For the very first time in Dombivli, a club including exploration, rock climbing, riding, outdoor activities, cycling and more fun. Now, new need not look for a faraway place to gear up – all Gears & sports Accessories are now available close to the community.

Meet the Aldo’s Family

Satish Gaikwad

Operations Head and Advisor

  • Well-known as ‘Daddy’ – he has extra ordinary training skills and professional qualifications for outbound adventure training. He has an experience of more than 25 years in this field. His skills and proficiency are listed next: Basic Mountaineering Course, Advance Mountaineering Course, Search and Rescue Mountaineering Course, Method of Instruction Mountaineering Course, High Altitude trekking in Manali, Sikkim & Gangotri region, Trans Sahyadri Trek 1200 KM (1983), Cycle Expedition to Kanyakumari (1996), Organized Mountaineering Camps for Schools & Colleges
  • Himalayan Expeditions: Manali Peak (Manali region 1985), Friendshil Peak (1986), Hanuman Tibba & ladakhi (1987), Bidhan Parbat (1989), Kamet & Abigamin (1992), Jogin I, II, III (1994), Kedar Dome (1996), White Sail (1998), Shrikilash (2000)

Santosh Kurhade



As a Creative person-Commercial Artist (Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai), he offer his concepts, Historical approaches, artistic vision, innovative ideas, team leadership and growth initiatives for both Gear-hub and Activity-club. He like to carry the ‘Art of Living’ to life and always in hunt for History of Art. He is obsessive with Sahyadri and wandering across Maharashtra since 1998 conquering more than 200 forts with Family, Folks and Corporates. One can notice his perception, devotion and sweats behind ‘Nhanwa-Gadancha’ (Bhaskargad-Resoration Project).

Uday Mahadik



Our co-trekker and the respected person who manages repetitive and mundane administrative tasks for Aldo’s Adventure. Very proactive and accurate in everything that he do. Highly efficient in Digital Marketing, Applications and Web. Simply manage work within his busy office schedule, and support us in order to ensure the smooth running of day-to-day activities. Handle credits, balances and expenses and continually meet and exceed the operational and administrative expectations. Quickly learn about new in house database systems. His methodical approach, strong communication skills, excellent attention to detail, Strong numeracy skills making us better day by day.

Sapna Kurhade



The only woman-authority mounted behind Aldo’s Adventure. She is an outgoing in Nature & Mountains and conquered many forts since 1998 . Very Cheerful person with a happy and contended life. She is working for Air-India as an International Deputy Chief Cabin-crew for more than 15 years. She love travelling and talking with her, you will get many stories to hear from the world. She enjoy decorating home with olden style collection. She love spending time with her family and have a big circle of outdoorsy friends as well. She believe in living life to the completest amount and demonstrated it by setting an example of ‘Gad-Sanskar’ by conquering a Historical-fort each month during 9 months pregnancy time. She is a Certified Medical Emergency contact and plays a dynamic part in activities and schedules. Aldo’s mamma is a modern outlook to life but believe in traditional values.

Nitin Terse

Sr. Instructor and photographer


He is the key to fulfil immediate needs in Adventure, reducing prices, inspiring creative thinking and productivity while increasing profitability with regular club-activities by setting the best example of caring management and sharing efficiencies. A good person with honest nature and one man army on ground, on campsite.

Harshal Gambhirrao

Special Instructor

  • Excels at interfacing with participants at all levels to meet and exceed organizational goals. You can always depend on his marshal expertise to have around for safety in every single activity. One of the best on-ground most experienced Instructor..!

Prasad Barje

Marketing Executive


Hardworking person versed in all aspect of running our successful business since start, including Corporate Adventure activities to banking, purchasing, shipping and controlling costs by effectively negotiating with Brands. The cool buddy focused on business success and word-spread around Aldo’s Adventure.

Shrilesh Batwal

Leader (Historical Treks and Tours)


Experienced Co-Trekker who successfully manages planning activities from inception to completion. It is his promise to Bhaskargad-Restoration project with best control and supervision.